PAYOT Clear skin treatment   €45

Tailored to your skin’s specific needs. This facial includes cleanse, tone, exfoliation, massage of face and shoulders followed by a relaxing masque. Perfect for someone on the go! Add an eyebrow shape for an extra €5 with this facial. (40 minutes)

PAYOT Douceur essentielle €60

Specially designed for sensitive and reactive skin. This soothing facial helps instantly calm redness and helps restore the skin’s natural barrier. A must for sensitive skin. (60 minutes)

PAYOT My Payot experience €60

This nutrient- and antioxidant-rich facial stimulates the blood circulation to brighten the skin, designed to boost radiance for a revitalised complexion. Skin will look and feel renewed, radiant and healthy. (60 minutes)

PAYOT Hydration intense€65

Specially designed for dehydrated tired skin. This facial will rehydrate, moisturise and protect the skin. With the intensely moisturising collagen masque your skin will feel soft, supple and comfortable again. (70 minutes)

PAYOT Cica expert €65

A healing and restorative treatment for all skin types. This facial promotes the skin restructuring process and restores the bio-mechanics properties of the skin, stimulates the production of new cells. (60 minutes)

PAYOT Lift absolu €70

This ultimate anti aging facial gives lasting results by giving the face a natural lift and filling in those fine lines while redefining the oval shape of the face.An exceptional treatment that delivers a glowing complexion and radiance to the skin. (70 minutes )

PAYOT Techni Liss ritual €75

A comprehensive treatment with a professional AHA peeling and a rebalancing, repairing mask. The hyaluronic acid plumps up wrinkles, the aloe vera repairs, hydrates and nourishes. Rice extract smoothens and brightens the complexion. Glycolic Acid 15 % eliminates dead cells and provides a smoother look to the skin. Hibiscus extract smoothers wrinkles and fine lines. Improves skin elasticity. (60 minutes)

Purifying back treatment €45

A Super smooth back treatment designed to deep cleanse those hard to reach areas. (45 minutes)

Teen facial €35

This deep cleansing facial includes a professional double cleanse followed by a gentle exfoliation, extraction, massage and masque. Perfect for maintaining a healthy complexion. (30 minutes)

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